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What is an Affiliate Program?

If you want to profit from your website, you have many options. The most popular forms are contextual advertising, paid linking or partner programs (often called affiliate programs). We would like to introduce the benefits of the Affiliate Program that Webnode provides.

How does an Affiliate Program work?
A retailer offers its products and/or services online. By registering for an Affiliate Program, you can put a banner (advertising link) on your website which attracts visitors to the website of the retailer. When a visitor buys something through your banner, you earn commission as agreed on with the retailer. The commission is a percentage of the total amount sold.

Webnode's Affiliate Program
We offer you $100 for the first Premium Plan purchase made by any user you referred. All types of Premium Plans are included regardless of their cost or value. Just imagine, a customer buys 3 plans - you earn $300!

Do the benefits of our Affiliate Program seem enticing? Become our partner today! Discover how in our instructions Register for the Affiliate Program.

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