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How to Purchase Premium Services

1. If you would like to purchase Webnode's Premium Services, you are able to do so from the project detail page and clicking Upgrade to Premium.

2. You can also purchase Premium Services from the website editor by clicking SETTINGS.

3. In the General settings window, click CHOOSE YOUR PLAN.

4. Choose which Premium Plan best suits your needs.

5. Choose how long you would like the Premium Plan and the payment method. If you have a discount voucher, click I have a voucher and enter a promo code. Confirm and activate the voucher by pressing the Redeem voucher button. If you would like to enter your invoice details, please check the box Company billing.

6. Once the payment is received, Webnode will send you an email containing a voucher code valid for one year of a domain of your choice for free. Your purchased Premium Services will be activated automatically.

Tip: After your first payment with PayPal or a credit card, automatic renewals are enabled by default. Automatic renewal can be disabled at anytime from the administration of your website.

Tip: If your credit card payment does not go through on your first attempt, please contact your bank as the payment might have been blocked. You could also try a different payment method such as PayPal.

Tip: Please be sure to check your invoice details before sending them as they are unable to be changed later.

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