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How to Add the Facebook Widget

This article describes how to add the Facebook widget to your website. To add the Facebook widget, you need to add HTML code to the page header, this function is available only with the premium plan Standard, Profi or Business packages (for just one page of header this applies to projects created after 26/06/2023).

1. On the Facebook for Developers website, select the widget type you want to add. You will receive two sets of code.

2. Click on Pages.

3. Choose the page where you would like your widget to appear and click on SEO page settings.

4. Enter the first code in the Custom HTML header code.

5. You will enter the second code anywhere on the page as an HTML widget.

6. Publish the changes.

Tip: If you would like your Facebook widget to appear on every page of your website, please be sure to enter both sets of code manually on every page.


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