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Account & general questions

  • 1.I can't access my account

    Whether the issue is a forgotten password or your email is out of order, here you can find a complete checklist that allows you to determine what’s the issue and how to solve it.

  • 2.I'm interested in Webnode but don't have an account

    Get in touch with us and we’ll help you find out whether Webnode will meet your needs.

  • 3.Do I need a valid email to sign up?

    We do encourage you to use a valid email because otherwise you won’t be able to receive notifications about the expiration or renewal dates of our services.

  • 4.How do I remove my user account?

    We’re sorry to see you leaving. Please get in touch with us and we’ll help you delete your account in accordance with data protection regulations. Submitting an account deletion request requires logging in.

  • 5.How can I contact you?

    If you didn’t find the answer to your question in our online resources, by far the best way of contacting us is logging in and using the contact form

  • 6.Technical issues

    Webnode sites are stable but once something happens, it may be due to a wide range of issues. Here is a short checklist that helps you identify the issue and submit a precise report.

  • 7.Can I call you?

    Phone support is one of the advantages of our Premium plans. You can also call us using the number in the email you received upon purchasing your Premium. You can also get in touch using the contact form. We'll be happy to call you back.

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