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  • 1.What is the name/internet address of my website?

    By default, the address of your website consists of the name you entered when you first created it and our domain which is to say “webnode” followed by a local domain, e.g. Once you register a custom domain e.g., it replaces the initial Webnode-address and becomes your primary domain.

  • 2.How can I change the address of my project?

    By registering one or more custom domains and choosing which one is the primary domain/address of your website. If you’ve only started working on your website, you can simply set up a new one with a different address.

  • 3.What's the address with CMS for?

    A page address with this three-letter abbreviation refers to the editable version of that page and as such can’t be accessed by anyone else but a logged user (i.e. website owner, administrator, or editor). When sharing the address of your website with your readers, make sure you share the one without CMS.

  • 4.Is my site immediately online?

    The template you selected along with the predefined content is immediately online whereas none of the changes done by you is available online until you press the publish button. In case you accidentally publish an unfinished website, it’s worth knowing that any newly published website has a very limited visibility on the internet. Read more about Search Engine Optimization.  

  • 5.Are Webnode sites mobile friendly?

    You can create, edit and view your site as well as changing settings and managing eshop products and orders on your mobile device. The design will adjust to any screen size. Removing and changing sections or of specific pages requires accessing the editor on a regular computer or laptop and the same goes for changing their section background.

  • 6.My website isn't showing in search engines e.g. Google,Bing

    Once you publish your website, the task of reaching out to your audience or clients has only just begun. The combination of creating good content, optimizing the website for search engines and promoting it via social media is the way to go. Read more here and here.

  • 7.Is my page secure?

    Security is our big concern. That’s why we offer SSL, constantly audit our systems and require you to log in so that we can receive authorized requests.

  • 8.Is Webnode GDPR compliant?

    Yes, we don’t share customer data with any third party and use it solely to fulfil our contractual obligations. Once you decide to delete your user profile, we don’t store any of your data.

  • 9.My page got blocked. Why and what to do?

    We provide a stable and reliable platform and constantly monitor the status of our servers. However, it may happen that your website gets affected by an outage or its content is misinterpreted by our algorithms. We reserve the right to block websites for various violations of our T&C. Whatever happened, feel free to log in and let us know about your issue.

  • 10.How can I delete my website?

    If there’re no paid services associated with it, you can easily remove your website in the administration of your website. If you on the other hand have any paid services, please log in and get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help you transfer your services to any other Webnode website that you have.

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