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Payments and invoices

  • 1.I've paid but the service still isn't active

    If you ordered more than just one service and/or have more websites, please check which service you paid for. If the payment was made with wire transfer, double check that you used the correct reference and keep in mind a wire transfer may take even 5 days. If none of that helps, log in and get in touch with us.

  • 2.When do I receive notifications about expiring services?

    In case of subscriptions with no automatic renewal, we send notifications about expiring services repeatedly among others 30, 15 and 3 days in advance. We also inform you about when we're going to extend your services automatically 30 days in advance.

  • 3.Can I pay in monthly installments for your services?

    Unfortunately we offer annual billing only and the shortest subscription is one year. If unsure whether Webnode lives up to your expectations, log in and get in touch with us to get a free trial of Premium on your website.

  • 4.Do you support auto-renewal? When is it active?

    When paying with credit card or online payment methods that support auto-renewal, we activate it in order to ensure the continuous service.

  • 5.Where do I find the invoices?

    Your invoices are accessible as downloadable PDF-documents in the invoices section in the user administration.

  • 6.Can I request invoice correction?

    Yes, you can do so within a certain time window. Log in and get in touch with us if you need to update your billing data.

  • 7.Can I request refund for services?

    You have a 15 day money back guarantee for the first purchase of our Premium services on a given website whereas completed domain registrations and transfers are non-refundable. Most important of all, we’d like to know why you’re refunding our services in case it’s an issue we can help you out with!

  • 8.How to update my payment information (e.g. new credit card)

    We recommend you to turn off the auto-renewal. When renewing the service in question manually, enter your updated credit card information. If you are unable to renew it upon canceling the auto-renewal, get in touch with us. More information you can find here. You can find information about changing billing data here.

  • 9.Can I cancel the services before they end?

    You can cancel any active auto-renewal whereas if you want to remove any paid services – a custom domain or a Premium plan – please log in and get in touch with our customer support.

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