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  • 1.Is my website for free?

    Webnode websites are free in their basic form. These are fully functional websites that include most of the editing options, but don’t offer access to certain advanced features and don’t allow you to use your own domain. It means your website will be running on a Webnode subdomain, such as In terms of capacity, the free sites offer 1GB of monthly bandwidth and a 100MB storage for your content. You may keep using our free version indefinitely or if you wish or the capacity is no longer enough, upgrade to a Premium plan that extends the storage, functionality and allows you to use a custom domain

  • 2.What is Premium and what do I need it for?

    Premium is a paid service that extends the functionality and storage of Webnode websites and a prerequisite for using your own domain. Premium subscription applies always to a single website and not the entire account. There are a few plans offering different advantages each. Compare the plans using the price list. In order to select a different language or currency use the language menu at the bottom.

  • 3.What's the difference between a domain and Premium?

    These are two separate services. Whereas Premium gives you more storage or advanced features, a custom domain is simply the address of your website e.g. When running a professional website, you should have both of them. With most of our Premium plans you get a free domain for the first year. Premium is also necessary to be able to use your own domain.

  • 4.Do you offer a free trial of Premium?

    Yes, definitely. If interested in trying out Webnode, log in and get in touch with us and we’ll activate any Premium plan for free with no strings attached.

  • 5.What's the minimum subscription period?

    We offer annual Premium plans starting with one year.

  • 6.When is my service activated?

    The moment we receive your payment, we activate your service which is why we recommend using immediate payment methods such as credit card or Paypal. Domain registrations usually take 24-72 hours from the payment receipt date whereas domain transfers require your cooperation so make sure you read our email.

  • 7.Can I upgrade and downgrade my Premium package?

    Sure, you can. When upgrading you simply pay the difference. Downgrading to a lower plan requires our support. Log in and get in touch with our customer care.

  • 8.Can I move services across my websites?

    Yes, as long as the websites in question are within the same account, you can manage all your services within the user interface. For moving services across different user accounts, please log in and get in touch with our customer support.

  • 9.I do not want the services to be automatically renewed in future

    It’s easy. Simply go to the purchased services and billing section in the administration of your website and deactivate any active auto-renewal. If you purchased your subscription with PayPal, we also recommend deactivating it in the PayPal user interface.

  • 10. I renewed my service but keep getting reminders

    Please double-check your subscriptions, especially if you’ve got more Premium plans and/domain within one or more user profiles. It may happen the notifications refer to another service. Furthermore, if you renewed any service manually via wire transfer it may take up to 5 days to complete the transfer.

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