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  • 1.What if I find no template suitable for my business

    Our templates are only meant to inspire the creative process of website creation. You can personalize all default text and graphical content. What it means is that you can pick any template based on the kind of colour selection and layout that you like and adjust it to any business concept.

  • 2.Is it possible to change the template?

    The interactive presentation of our template page allows you to explore every template and experience first-hand such important details as the menu, footer or header. This way you make an informed choice. Once you pick a template, you can’t switch to a different one but remake it just about any way you want.

  • 3.How to publish changes and make my site visible online?

    By pressing the publish button in the upper bar, you make visible the changes on the page you’re editing. Changes in the settings section require only saving and closing the settings window.

  • 4.Are my edits saved automatically?

    Yes, while publishing changes online requires pressing the publish button, saving changes in the editor happens automatically. It’s important to note that when editing the text in a content box, the autosave gets triggered by leaving the content box, i.e. if you close the tab with the website editor in the middle of writing a text, it won’t get auto-saved.

  • 5.Can I revert changes in the editor?

    Majority of regular changes within the content of a single page can be reversed using the undo option in the left upper corner. It will not work for big changes such as removing a page or removing the e-shop module. The editor will let you know if a change you’re about to make is permanent.

  • 6.Can I unpublish individual changes or my whole site?

    No. You can revert content changes (see above) but you can’t unpublish them. What you can do is to remove the unwanted content in the editor and publish the website. Nor is it possible to unpublish the entire website.

  • 7.Can I use third party features and plugins?

    Sure, you can use the HTML option and paste in a piece of code to extend the functionality of your website. We can’t guarantee that every plug-in you find on the internet will be compatible with our editor but many of them work just fine.

  • 8.Can I edit CSS?

    Webnode doesn’t support editing CSS and the editor is the only tools for changing the design of your website.

  • 9.Can I connect my website with social media?

    Yes, you can put social media widgets using the editable website header.

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