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  • 1.What is a domain?

    It’s the internet address of a website that you enter in the address field of your browser. By default Webnode sites are running on one of the Webnode domains e.g. To have better visibility online, we recommend that you register your own domain e.g.

  • 2.Can I use one or multiple custom domains?

    You can use as many custom domains as you want if your website is a Premium website. If you have multiple domains, one of them will be set as the primary and the website will be displayed on this domain. Other domains will redirect to it.

  • 3.I’ve just paid for a domain. When will it be up and running?

    It may depend on the domain type but most often it takes up to 48 hours for your domain to be up and running. Remember to double check the contact information and follow the instructions we may send you.

  • 4.Can I transfer an existing domain to Webnode. How long does it take?

    Yes. Domain transfer along with domain registration or assigning requires Premium. It isn’t an automatic process and requires your cooperation. From the moment we change domain settings, it takes up to 48 hours for your domain to be active and unless we’ve got all the information we need, we can’t initiate domain transfer. We offer domain transfer only for the domain types that you find on our pricelist. Use the language menu at the bottom to switch languages and currencies.

  • 5.Can I assign a registered domain without moving it?

    Yes, you can, but it requires the change of DNS records of your domain. This option is recommended only to technically advanced web administrators or for those domains not supported by us. The domain transfer on the other hand does not require any technical skills, we take care of the domain setting completely. NOTE: In case you registered your COM, NET or ORG domain less then 60 days ago, the transfer is not possible yet and assigning such domain is an alternative for transfer. Log in to get in touch with our support.

  • 6. I want to set up my DNS. How do I go about it?

    We’ll be happy to take care of your domain settings. Log in to get in touch with our support.

  • 7.What is a private domain registration?

    The contact details you’re using while registering a domain is public and can be often found in freely available databases making you vulnerable to spammers. Private domain registration allows you to hide that information by replacing it with our contact details while you remain the domain owner. By no means does it hide the contact information published on your website.

  • 8.I get a “My page is not secured” message. How come?

    It may mean that something went wrong with the SSL certificate of a domain. Log in to get in touch with our support. If you have more than one domain, don’t forget to mention which one triggers the error message.

  • 9.Do I need a Premium package to use my own domain?

    Yes, whether you register your domain with Webnode, transfer or assign an existing domain to Webnode, you need a Premium package to take advantage of a custom domain.

  • 10.My domain expired. What can I do?

    After the expiration date you can’t renew your domain in the user interface but we’ll be happy to help you get it up and running. Log in to get in touch with our support.

  • 11.I made a typo during the registration. Can I cancel it?

    Once the registration is completed, it’s too late to make any changes. If it’s a multiple year registration, we can cancel all but the first year so that you can use the rest of the registration fee to register another domain.

  • 12.Why can’t I use my domain voucher?

    Our domain registration voucher covers the costs of the registration of many regular domain types. Here’s an overview of all the domain types that we support, both the ones that are included in the offer and those that aren’t. Use the language menu at the bottom to switch languages and currencies.

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