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  • 1.What is Webmail?

    Webmail is a simple browser-based email service that allows you to set up your own custom email address e.g. It requires having a custom domain as well as a Premium package starting with Mini.

  • 2.Logging in to Webmail

    You use the same login form as when you log in to the editor but instead your regular login and password, you enter your Webmail address and your Webmail password. Read more here.

  • 3.Password change

    In order to change password, you have to access the website administration as its owner or administration (read more here) or request the owner or administrator for help.

  • 4.Can I set up email forwarding for my Webmail account?

    Yes, it’s fully possible and here is a detailed tutorial.

  • 5.I don't receive email to my Webmail account

    The most common reason is that you forgot to enter your Webmail-address when setting up e-mail forwarding. Read point 4 of this tutorial to make sure you set up e-mail forwarding correctly.

  • 6.Is it possible to use external mail services e.g. Outlook, Office, G-Suite

    We support a variety of e-mail clients such as Outlook, Gmail and here you can find our tutorials. You can also use mail services from another provider (G-Suite, your own mail server) by setting the proper MX records for your domain - for domains registered with Webnode, please log in and contact our customer support team.

  • 7.Can I send newsletters from my Webmail account?

    We don't allow using your Webmail account for sending newsletters. If one or more of your recipients report your account following receiving unsolicited messages, it may lead to freezing your account. Instead we recommend dedicated newsletter services such as Mailchimp.

  • 8.Do you support imap or pop3?

    Yes, we support both e-mail protocols, i.e. imap and pop3.

  • 9.What's the size of the inbox and the attachment size limit?

    Maximum total attachment size is 20MB whereas inbox storage is part of your website storage.

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